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How to manage shedding of fluffier breeds

Get a Samoyed they said! It’ll be fun they said! (They forgot to mention the shedding!)

Samoyeds (like me) are known for their fluffy white coat and huge ‘Sammy smile’ and believe it or not, even with our cloud-like coat we’re actually hypoallergenic, so ideal for people with allergies. But don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean I don’t shed my fur, because trust me I do!

I have a double coat and my undercoat is so thick and wool-like, it’s brilliant for keeping me warm in winter and insulates against heat in the summer and my topcoat (called guard hairs) protects me from dirt, water and other things.

I blow my coat twice a year, in February and September, for about 4 weeks. But it’s always worse in February as that’s shedding my heavier and thicker coat and it causes an absolute SNOWSTORM in the house - there is so much, and it can actually be kept and spun into yarn and knitted! Due to my double coat, I can’t be shaved or cut, as it won’t grow back properly and will affect how I regulate my body temperature.

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A white fluffy dog and mud are always destined for disaster but surprisingly the dirt doesn’t stick, it tends to ‘fall off’ when I have been playing in muddy puddles and I’m relatively easy to clean up. My pawrents bathe me every 8-10 weeks to ensure we don’t wash away my essential oils, which over-bathing can cause.

The hardest thing about owning a Samoyed like me is keeping up with my grooming, I need brushing daily to maintain my glossy fur, the main thing is to try and be consistent with grooming!