Five ways you can tell your pooch is in love with you

Five ways you can tell your pooch is in love with you

We all know how much our pups love having our attention, but we’ve also got to admit how much we love having theirs.

We show our pooch’s how much we love them by cuddling and keeping them healthy, but what are the signs to look for when your dog is trying to say they love you?

We’ve rounded up some of the tell-tale signs that your pup loves you.

Wagging their little tail

When you see your dog’s tail wagging in your presence you can tell they’re happy to see you! Knowing just how much your dog loves you, however, comes down to the motion of the wag. If the tail swings more to the right, then your pooch is pleased, relaxed, and/or happy. It’s not an outrageously over the top action but, accompanied with other positive body language, you can be sure your dog is happy to have you around.

Craving attention as soon as you walk in the door

Coming home to your pooch waiting for you by the front is one of the biggest signs that your dog is excited to see you. Whether it’s a loud of bark or a simple tail wag, your pooch is delighted to see you come home.

Snuggling with you

This is one of the most obvious signs that your dog loves you. The reason dogs are a fan of snuggle time is because they are pack animals, sleeping with you makes them feel safe and it keeps them warm – they also just want to show you they care about you.

Playing with You

As we know, dogs love attention, but when they go out of their way to make you play with them it’s a big sign that they adore you. Whether they bring you a ball to throw, roll around ready for you to stroke them or jump on you at any opportunity they get, it’s a huge giveaway for how your dog feels about you!

Chasing you around

Whether it’s around the house or down the street, if your dog chases after you, it shows that your dog sees you as an important leader and you’re the person they always want to be around. You might trip over them on the way to the sofa, but take it as a compliment, your dog loves you and your company.

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