You know you’re a dog owner when…

30th November 2017

Dog owners come in all shapes and sizes (just like dogs) but there are certain things we all have in common. Not always obvious, it’s these little habits that give away our obsession and devotion to our pooches. You know you’re a dog owner when…

1. …You can’t see out of your car windows because there are nose prints all over them.

2. …You can’t open your bag or put your hand in your pocket without poo bags falling out.

3. …You have no trouble recognising your dog’s bark from others.

4. …You wear dog hair proudly, like an accessory.

5. …You realise you know all the dog’s names in your local park, but not their owners.

6. …Someone asks you why you still have that worn and ripped sofa and your answer is ‘because my dog likes it.’

7. …No matter how much of a rush you’re in, if you see a dog on the street you have to say hello.

8. …You have more photos of your pooch on your phone than of your friends and family.

9. …You have an Instagram account for your dog that has a lot more followers than you ever will do.

10. …You plan your social activities around your dog.

11. …You have lots of nicknames for your furry friend that no one else understands.

12. …You find yourself talking about your dog as if they are your child.

13. …You immediately love anyone who compliments your four legged friend.

14. …You sign Christmas/birthday/anniversary cards from yourself and your dog.

15. …You get separation anxiety when you’re not with your pooch.

16. …You talk to your dog on the phone if you’re not together.

17. …Not liking dogs is a deal breaker in any relationship.

18. …You have a story about your dog to fit every situation.

19. …Your pooch is your go to TV watching buddy.

20. …There is never a time when you’re not carrying dog treats.

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