Meet the winners

22nd February 2018

At Wagg, we believe every day is a good day for dogs. However, for these three lucky pups, we’re going to make their dream day come true!

Winner one

Tonka’s dream day is to have a room full of cardboard boxes to chew and play with. The four-year-old golden retriever has been surrounded by cardboard boxes since being a puppy as his family owns a mail room. However, although he’s been surrounded by boxes, he’s never been allowed to play with them!

By winning the Wagg dog days competition, Tonka will finally be let loose in a room full of boxes that he can play with to his heart’s content. We can’t wait to see his reaction!

Winner two

Hugo is a two-year-old Cocker spaniel who’s dream day is to be tail deep in a muddy puddle, surrounded by tennis balls. No matter where he is, Hugo can find a muddy puddle. His favourite thing to do is to roll around in the mud, dunk his head under and splash about, so he’s covered from head to toe!

When it comes to tennis balls, Hugo’s favourite thing to do is try and catch more than one ball. His owner often throws six balls at a time and Hugo goes bananas trying to catch them all at once.

We can’t wait to see how many balls he catches!

Winner three

Our third winner, Bailey, the one-year-old golden doodle would like a giant sandpit filled with doggy treats to find. He lives 20 minutes away from the beach but doesn’t get to go as often as he’d like – he also had a sand-pit in his back garden, but because he loves digging so much it wore away at the bottom.

We can’t wait to let him run free on a beach, so he can dig as many holes as he wishes!

Winner four

Six-year-old Japanese Shiba Inu, Lola, is obsessed with bubble wrap. She can sniff it out no matter where she is and loves nothing better than popping the wrapping all day long!’

By winning the Wagg dog days competition, Lola will be let loose in a room full of bubble wrap that she can play with and pop to her heart’s content.

Winner five

Meet the super cute Cotton, she’s an eight-month-old Chorkie from Gloucester, and her dream day is to have bubbles blowing around everywhere. Her love of bubbles came from an over spilling bath and she has been obsessed since.

Her favourite thing to do is run around popping the bubbles, so we can’t wait to see her reaction on the day!

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