5 ways to reduce cat shedding

19th May 2018

Are you finding cat hair on your clothes, all over the furniture or just floating around in the air?

We love our feline friends but we love their moulting a lot less, and with warm weather being one of the main causes for shedding it’s only going to get worse over the next few months!

Read our top tips on how to prevent your cat from shedding their hair, ahead of the warm weather (fingers crossed) this summer.

Brush your cat regularly.

This is the most effective way to reduce your cat shedding hair, as it helps to collect the fur before it falls out. If your cat has medium to long hair, a Slicker brush is best, and if they have short hair, we’d recommend a Dual-Sided brush.

Bath your cat once a month.

We hear you – no cat is going to enjoy that. But, it will help to remove excess and undercoat hair, and in the long run, give you cleaner furniture.

Change their diet.

For a healthy coat, your pet needs a balanced and omega-rich diet. Our Purr cat food contains a balanced ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids to help promote a healthy coat and prevent shedding.

Keep them hydrated.

Cats that don’t drink enough water, more often than not, have dry skin and coats, resulting in the moulting of their hair. So make sure you keep their bowl full to the brim with clean, fresh, cool water to drink.

Give them a place to call home.

If all else fails, give them a place they can cover in cat hair that’s their own – not your bed or the sofa. Place a comfortable bed where your cat enjoys sleeping to keep the excess hair contained.

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