5 Beach Activities for You and Your Dog

13th April 2018

Here at Wagg, we set out to give five dogs their dream day through our Every Dog Has Its Day competition – no matter how crazy that day may seem.

Bailey was our second competition winner and he absolutely LOVES digging in his sandpit at home. What better way to give Bailey his dream day than to give him the biggest sandpit that we could find?

You can check out Bailey’s dream day by heading over to our hub, or try out our top 5 activities below, to give your pooch the perfect beach day of their very own:

1. Create an obstacle course

Get your creative thinking caps on and create a series of sand castles for your pooch to run around, you can even hide some Wagg treats hidden within the castle walls. Not only will this be great exercise for them, but it will give the whole family a chance to get involved and play together.

2. Take a quick dip

There’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in the ocean, or getting it sprayed all over you when your pooch takes a great big shake! Just remember to bring a towel along to dry them off – especially for the journey home!

3. Play the long ball

Every dog enjoys a good game of catch, but when you’ve got miles upon miles of sand for them to run around it’s even better. Take a throwing stick and ball so that you don’t hurt your back bending over can help make the trip fun for longer.

4. Go for a leisurely stroll along the water

A leisurely walk along the shore can help you stretch your legs and act as light daily exercise. It’s also great scenery for you, but chances are you’ll meet other dog walkers along the way for your pooch to socialise with.

5. Get some downtime

After a full day of running around, it might be a nice idea to roll out the blankets, stick an umbrella in the sand and pour your pooch a lovely cold bowl of water. What better way to end the day than with a well-earned nap!

Check out our hub for the rest of our winner videos as they’re released – it may give you the inspiration you need to make your own dog’s dream day come true!

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