Feeding guide for guinea pigs

Care & Advice

Twitch Guinea Pig Nuggets are a complementary feed for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs should have constant access to fresh hay or grass and water at all times. Hay is essential to provide them with a complete diet and help them maintain healthy digestion, promote natural tooth wear and provide environmental enrichment. Providing twigs and branches for them to gnaw on from trees such as apple, willow and hazel, can also help keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Guinea pigs enjoy variety and appreciate the addition of fresh food in their diet several times each week; leafy greens and dandelion leaves are ideal. Providing plenty of space and the company of other guinea pigs is hugely important for keeping your guinea pig happy, as is keeping your pet at the ideal weight.

Body Condition Score

This chart is intended to be used as a guide, if your guinea pig does not fall into the ‘ideal’ range we suggest you consult your vet for further advice.

Hip bones, ribs and spine are prominent and easily seen/felt. No muscle or fat cover. The rump area curves in. Clear waistline.

Hip bones, ribs and spine are easily felt. Loss of muscle and very little fat cover. Rump area is flat. Clear waistline.

Hip bones, ribs and spine can be felt with gentle pressure. Streamlined outline with a curve in at waist like an ‘hour-glass’. Rump rounded when sitting. Easy to define legs and feet.

Pressure is needed to feel the spine and hip bones. Ribs cannot be defined. Fat layers present. The rump is rounded and loss of an inward curve at the waist. Harder to define legs.

Fat padding apparent and cannot feel spine, hip bones or ribs. Tummy sags and hard to define legs.

Feeding Guide

Twitch Guinea Pig Nuggets 2kg & 10kg

Daily Feeding Guide


A good quality hay or fresh grass should make up approximately 85% of a guinea pig’s diet, alongside fresh water and occasional leafy greens.